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Offering the Most Advanced Medical and Visual Eye Exams in PA

Personalized Eye Care in Swiftwater, PA

We warmly welcome patients from Pennsylvania. We believe in treating our patients just like kin. Here, you're not merely an appointment but an individual with a unique story and distinct needs.

We take pride in going the extra mile for each patient, striving to understand your health history, interests, and style. At Advanced Eyecare Specialists, it's about providing exceptional eye and vision care for life by valuing you as a person.


Meet Our Talented Optometric Team

At Advanced Eyecare Specialists, our team is the heart of our personalized care. We are a team of experienced optometrists, skilled technicians, and friendly support staff.

Each member is committed to providing the highest standard of service. United by a passion for eye health, we work seamlessly to ensure your experience is comfortable, informative, and tailored to your needs. Welcome to a team that genuinely cares.

From 1 to 100 years

Expert Optometry Services

We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled quality in comprehensive eye care. From meticulous eye exams that delve deep into your vision health to a diverse array of eye condition treatments, as well as a range of optical services, we prioritize excellence in every aspect of your eye wellness journey.

Don’t let eye problems keep you down

Eye Condition Management

Our eye condition treatment service encompasses various treatments for many eye conditions. From managing dry eyes and allergies to treating more complex issues like glaucoma or macular degeneration, our practice offers personalized treatment plans tailored to alleviate symptoms and preserve eye health.

Designer Eyewear That Turns Heads

Don’t hesitate to call us!

Eye Emergencies
in Swiftwater

In times of urgency, our eye emergency service provides prompt and comprehensive care. Whether it's sudden vision changes, eye injuries, or other urgent eye-related issues, our experienced team can address emergencies efficiently, providing immediate attention and appropriate treatment.

We believe in quick, quality service

Stunning Eyeglass Choices

Our optical side is a beacon of innovation and style. We specialize in advanced contact lens fittings and curate a collection of trendy, stylish frames. We excel in precision when fitting advanced contact lenses, ensuring clear vision and comfort tailored to your unique eye structure. Moreover, our selection of frames transcends mere fashion; each piece is a statement of individual style and quality craftsmanship.

‘Hard-to-fit’ eyes? We’ve got you covered

Specialty Contact Lenses

Our specialty contact lens service offers personalized fittings for various unique eye conditions. From addressing astigmatism to managing keratoconus or presbyopia, we specialize in customizing lenses that cater to specific vision needs, ensuring comfort and optimal visual clarity.

Read What Our Patients Have to Say About Us
I found that everybody was very nice and professional. I am almost 65 years old and I don’t think I ever had such a thorough eye exam in my life. So I’m very pleased needless to say. Thank you for taking care of me.
2 weeks ago
- Marc P.

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