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Get the Perfect Eyeglasses Right Here in Swiftwater

We view eyewear as more than just vision correction. Our diverse selection of stylish and functional frames allows you to find glasses that fit your vision needs and your flair. Whether you desire everyday eyeglasses, computer specs, or safety shades for work, we'll collaborate to determine the best glasses to have you seeing and feeling your best while matching your lifestyle preferences. Our optical shop aims to help you explore vision possibilities so you can love how you look while seeing clearly.

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Where Vision Correction Meets Self-Expression

A Premium Selection of Eyewear

Discover an array of vision options tailored to enhance your look at Advanced Eyecare Specialists. Our showroom offers endless style opportunities, from designer collections to on-trend sunglasses. With such a vast, fashionable selection, we make finding the ideal frames and lenses to match your eyesight and personal tastes easy and enjoyable.

Comfortable and Quality Eyeglasses

Our team will help you find the perfect frames that provide clear vision and complement your style. You can customize your glasses with various lens treatments, such as 100% UV protection, anti-reflective coatings, and scratch-resistant coatings, to enhance your visual experience and protect your eyes. If you're experiencing presbyopia and need reading glasses for fine print, we have many options, including bifocal, multifocal, and advanced progressive lenses.

From memory metal to titanium, our team will guide you through the latest technologies and innovations, ensuring you find the best solution to suit your needs. Embrace clear vision and fashion-forward frames with our comprehensive prescription eyeglasses collection.

Safety and Tactical Eyewear

We prioritize your safety and offer a comprehensive selection of safety and tactical eyewear to cater to various needs. Our range includes high-quality eyewear designed specifically for protection in demanding environments.

Whether you require safety glasses for industrial work, shooting glasses for precision and accuracy, or protective eyewear for outdoor activities, we provide durable options that meet stringent safety standards. Our safety and tactical eyewear is engineered with advanced materials and cutting-edge technology to ensure clarity of vision and maximum protection, offering comfort and peace of mind.

Lens and Frame Satisfaction Warranty

We stand firmly behind the quality of our lenses and frames, offering a robust satisfaction warranty for your peace of mind. Our warranty is committed to your satisfaction with your chosen lenses and frames. We understand the importance of feeling confident in your eyewear selection. Our dedicated team is readily available to address your concerns if you encounter any issues with the lenses or frames within the specified warranty period.

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  • High index glasses top view isolated on white background
    High index and aspheric Lenses are designed with thinner edges and overall lighter weight. These lenses are an ideal option for individuals with stronger prescriptions, offering comfort and improved aesthetics.
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    Our BluTech lenses filter out intense blue light from screens and lighting for reduced digital eye strain while allowing beneficial light to preserve sleep and eye health. Advanced protection is available in glasses or contacts.