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Top Eight Reasons to buy Prescription Readers, NOT CHEATERS!

Over the counter reading glasses, also known as "Cheaters", only magnify an image to make it more readable, however they can cause visual discomfort. Studies have shown that an improper prescription can cause eye strain and fatigue. They can even cause headaches and have been related to symptoms that can last for days, even weeks. The American Optometric Association has listed the following reasons why over the counter glasses should only be worn minimally.

1. Prescription lenses are personalized. You should not wear someone else's prescription glasses.

2. The optical center of prescription eyewear is digitally measured and placed in your frame. This is based on your own personal measurements.

3. The ABBE value (a value of optical clarity) is significantly reduced with cheaters. Prescription glasses have a high ABBE value, providing optical clarity and should have an ultra clear treatment on them to reduce reflections.

4. Prescription reading glasses allow you to see crisper, clearer images, which reduce eye fatigue.

5. Cheaters induce prism, which is unwanted aberrations that create distortion.

6. Cheaters will not correct Astigmatism or differences in your prescription between your two eyes which often lead to one being under corrected and one eye being over corrected.

7. Cheaters only magnify an image. Prescription lenses focus it sharply.

8. Blue light can further cause visual discomfort and macular degeneration. Cheaters are not available with BluTech Technology which eliminates blue light. Prescription lenses, however, are available with BluTech Technology.