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Our Promise

family pyramid swiftwater eye careAs an Advanced Eyecare Specialists patient and client we promise that you will:

  • See. You’ll enjoy the area’s best vision care from our great optometrists who have entered this field out of a passion to help people, rather than meet a corporate quota for total patients seen in a day. The lens manufacturer we use remains on the forefront of the optical community in both customer service and advanced technology. Your long-term vision health is always our first priority.
  • Be Seen. We view eye wear as a fusion of style and function. Regardless of your age, activities or personal style, we will always fit you with eye wear that enhances how you look.
  • Be treated like a person, and not just a number or name in a schedule book. You are an individual, not an appointment. Providing first-rate eye and vision care for life means learning your health and medical history, finding out your hobbies and activities and understanding your personal style. This cannot be done in 15 minutes and this sets us apart from the corporate eye care chains. We find that our patients and clients appreciate the extra attention and are more satisfied with their vision and eye wear because of it.
  • Receive complete, full-scope vision care for life, including:
    1. Ocular disease diagnosis and treatment.
    2. Medical eye exams.
    3. Precision contact lens fittings.
    4. Glaucoma, cataract and macular degeneration diagnosis and treatment.
    5. Pre-and-post Lasik vision care.
    6. Diabetes-related vision health monitoring and treatment.
    7. Eye & ocular allergy treatment (chronic dry eyes).
    • Be matched with expressive eye wear that fits you like a glove. We want to sell you eye wear that compliments your face, your personal style or lifestyle and activity needs. You wear our reputation on your face every day and we take that very seriously.
    • Choose your look from our premier collection of designer eye wear, frames and sunglasses as well as exclusive lines all hand-picked by Advanced Eyecare Specialists opticians and optometrists. Each frame and sunglass has to meet our exact standards for quality, style and fit. If we wouldn’t wear it ourselves, it won’t be in our display case.
    • Feel secure with our Guarantee. Our goal is to always help you see. Prescriptions are part science and part art. Sometimes it takes a little tweaking to get things just right!

      These are our standards of care and service and the unique benefits that you’ll receive as an Advanced Eyecare Specialists patient and client. We set our bar high and work relentlessly to live up to them.

      If you are ever anything less than completely “WOWED” by your experience at Advanced Eyecare Specialists we need to know. Help us to always be better and stay patient-focused.